How To Potty Train A Puppy

The most challenging part of puppy potty training is figuring out when exactly your puppy has to go. Some pups may sniff around while others may whine or bark at you - but how do you really know what they want? The perfect solution is to bridge the gap between human and canine communication and use potty training bells.

Potty training bells hang on your desired exit door, and it's easier than you think to train your puppy to ring them. The brand of dog training bells I recommend are called TinkleBellz. What makes them better than other brands is the fact that they actually Velcro securely onto your doorknob and can't be pulled off, whereas everyone else's puppy training bells just hang over the knob and are easily pulled off by your dog.

The training method is easy. Start off first thing in the morning when you know your puppy really has to make. Take him to the door where you've hung your potty training bells, and swat his paw at them or touch his nose to them. When he hears the jingle, say a command phrase such as: "Good boy, ring the bells - let's go potty"! Then, immediately take him outside to make. Only after he's gone potty do you then reward him with a treat. Do not give him a treat merely for ringing the bells! You want him to associate the act of "making" with the treat - not just the ringing of the bells themselves. If you take him outside and he doesn't make, then he doesn't receive a treat. Another thing that's helpful is to always take your puppy out on a leash. This way you can control him and avoid potty training time turning into play time.

The keys to using the dog training bell are repetition, consistency and praise. You need to always say the same command phrase - and be sure everyone in your household uses that same command phrase. If he doesn't start ringing the bells himself right away, don't worry, he will be soon! Consistently take him to the bells throughout the day, state your command phrase and then help him ring the bells. Liberally praise him (with words only) for ringing the bell - even when you help him. Soon enough, he'll make the connection and will start ringing the potty training bell on his own.

This potty training method is best because it gives your dog an easy way to communicate his needs to you. No more whining or scratching at the door! By housebreaking your puppy using housebreaking bells, you'll know exactly what your dog needs, and he'll be happy to be understood by his master. Potty training your puppy using the housebreaking bells method has been recommended by trainers, veterinarians and pet owners for many years - and it's for the simple reason; it works!


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